FamilySearch 탐색 - 글렌 톨먼

FamilySearch 탐색 - 글렌 톨먼

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Review FamilySearch features listed on the Homepage before and after login. Accessing the FamilySearch features and functions listed at the top of the Homepage after login (FamilyTree, Search, Memories, Get Involved, Activities, Help, Messaging, and Profile).  Using the various Tree Views (landscape, fan chart, descendency, etc.) and the features available from the Person View. Going back and forth between the various views.  How to always return to your own tree or person view. Navigating FamilyTree without using the Windows “back arrow” function. Printing information on FamilySearch. When to use the FamilyTree “Find” feature. Understanding the difference between the “Memory Gallery” and the “Memories” listed on the Person View. 

Glen은 FamilySearch/Family Tree 및 Ancestry를 사용하여 10년의 경험을 갖고 있습니다. 이전에는 메사 가족 역사 도서관과 솔트레이크 가족 역사 도서관에서 봉사했습니다. 현재 애리조나 메사 성전 방문자 센터와 템피 가족 역사 센터에서 자원 봉사하고 있습니다.



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