Special Needs Ticket Availability

Special Needs tickets are for those with limited mobility as there are numerous stairs in the Temple. The open house is free but reservations are required and Special Needs ticket holders should only come at their specified reservation time as elevator capacity is tightly scheduled.

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The Open House is Oct 16 – Nov 20, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (last reservation is 8 p.m.) Monday–Saturday.

A valid email account is required to confirm your reservation and receive your tickets. Each Special Needs ticket can bring up to 5 guests with General Admission tickets due to elevator capacity. Add guest GA tickets to your order. If your group has more than one special needs person, please make an additional reservation for the same time.

For additional questions, email us at [email protected].


The open house experience will be a tour through the inside of the temple. You will enter the temple on the west side, and exit on the east side.

After the tour, you are welcome to explore and take pictures of the temple grounds and gardens. Volunteers are available to answer questions or take photographs for guests.


  1. Please be prepared to present an electronic (mobile phone) or printed copy of the reservation ticket.
  2. Comfortable shoes and modest attire are encouraged.
  3. Smoking or vaping is not permitted in the temple and is discouraged on temple grounds.
  4. Photography and video recording are prohibited inside the temple but encouraged on the temple grounds. Please use the hashtag #mesatempleopenhouse when posting to your social media.
  5. Service animals are not permitted in the temple. If assistance is needed, ushers are available to help.
  6. After the tour, everyone is welcome to stop by the visitors’ center across the street for restrooms, cold water, and to learn more.

Parking & Transit

We expect the event to bring thousands of people daily to the temple, which, due to its location and tight physical layout, will create challenges for attendees. LeSueur will be closed to traffic between Main Street and First Avenue. Traffic on LeSueur between First and Second avenues will be restricted to southbound travel only. Please note: Parking on LeSueur will be prohibited.

Special Needs ticket holders may park in the south parking lot of the Temple. The TOUR ENTRANCE for those with limited mobility is near the northwest corner of this parking lot, not at the Pioneer building.

</p> <p><center>Frequently Asked Questions</center>

Absolutely! Everybody is welcome to attend our events and worship services. We request that all attendees use clean language and treat everyone with respect. We are Christians who do our best to follow the commandments and teachings of Christ. Whatever your background, you’re invited to join us!

Children carried by an adult don’t need a ticket. Children who are walking the tour should have a ticket.

Bring all your children. If you need more than 10 tickets, create another reservation for the same date/time for as many additional tickets as you need. Children carried by an adult don’t need a ticket. No daycare tours, please.

Make another reservation for the same time with additional tickets.

Yes, if reservations are still available for that time slot. The number of remaining reservation tickets each day/time are shown during the ticket reservation process.

Young Single Adult stakes can register to be open house workers starting Monday, August 9. Members of all other temple district stakes can register starting Friday, August 13 @ 8am. A link to the open house worker registration page will be emailed to all stakes on Friday morning (Aug 13).

Each ticket order is limited to 10 tickets. You may place additional orders for up to 10 tickets each. For very large groups or other special circumstances, please email [email protected].

In your order confirmation email, click the “View and manage” link in the “Order Summary” section. The resulting page has the option to cancel your order.

Unfortunately, the number of tickets on an order cannot be changed. You can always delete your order and order new tickets but check to make sure tickets are available for your date/time before canceling. Rather than add tickets to an order, you can order additional tickets for the same date/time.

There are stairs and multiple elevation changes involving two or more steps throughout the tour. Children who cannot walk will need to be carried.

Tickets cannot be added to an existing order, but you can create another order for the same date/time and add the ticket(s) you need. Bring the tickets from both orders when you come. You will be in the same tour group.

Each reservation time from Oct 16 – Nov 20 has up to 10 reservations for those with limited mobility. Select the Special Needs ticket when making your reservation.

There are areas of the tour that are not accessible to power wheelchairs or scooters. However, there will be non-electric wheelchairs and ushers provided to assist guests through the Temple tour.

There are two reasons why you may not receive your confirmation email:
1.) The email went to your junk or spam folder. Please check these email folders and look for email from “Eventbrite.”

2.) The wrong email address was entered in the order. Please email the first and last name you used to reserve tickets and the correct email address to [email protected]. We will attempt to find your order and resend you the tickets.

Special Needs tours use an elevator to move between floors. If you can climb stairs without assistance, select a General Admission ticket, otherwise select a Special Needs ticket. Several Special Needs tickets are allocated to every reservation time Oct 16 – Nov 20.

All tickets are included in the same PDF. You may need to scroll down or sideways (depending on the device) to see them all.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. A number of open house days have been completely reserved which means a large number of people are ordering from a smaller pool of tickets. Like airline reservations, the ticket isn’t committed until the order is placed so tickets may not be available if others complete their order before you (even though the tickets were available when you started). If you are experiencing other issues, please email [email protected].

Arizona (except the Navajo Nation) uses MST year round – every year – and does not adjust for daylight savings. This means AZ shares the same time with California during PDT (summer months) and Utah during MST (winter months) but we never have to adjust our clocks forward or back.