FamilySearch 導航- GLEN TOLMAN


FamilySearch 導航- GLEN TOLMAN

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Review FamilySearch features listed on the Homepage before and after login. Accessing the FamilySearch features and functions listed at the top of the Homepage after login (FamilyTree, Search, Memories, Get Involved, Activities, Help, Messaging, and Profile).  Using the various Tree Views (landscape, fan chart, descendency, etc.) and the features available from the Person View. Going back and forth between the various views.  How to always return to your own tree or person view. Navigating FamilyTree without using the Windows “back arrow” function. Printing information on FamilySearch. When to use the FamilyTree “Find” feature. Understanding the difference between the “Memory Gallery” and the “Memories” listed on the Person View. 

Glen 擁有 10 年使用 FamilySearch/Family Tree 和 Ancestry 的經驗。曾在梅薩家族歷史圖書館和鹽湖家族歷史圖書館任職。目前在亞利桑那州梅薩聖殿遊客中心和坦佩家族歷史中心擔任志工。



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