Expected dress:

You’re welcome to visit the temple grounds in casual clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Modest attire is encouraged and shirts and shoes are required. Some people wear their “Sunday best,” especially if they are taking family photographs, or if they are members of our faith attending the temple or other Church activities.

Expected behavior:

The Mesa Temple grounds are sacred to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and should be treated as such. Please be respectful of the gardens, buildings, and people.

General Guidelines:

  • Avoid offensive or inappropriate language. Be kind and courteous to others. Avoid any crude comments or phrases. A good rule of thumb is to keep your language PG-rated.
  • The gardeners put a lot of effort into keeping the grounds clean and looking nice. Please do not leave any trash or step on the flowers.
  • No skateboarding, longboarding, or rollerblading on the Mesa Temple grounds.
  • You’re welcome to take photos and videos. Please be respectful of others when taking photos and respect their privacy. Ask permission before taking photos of other people.
  • Avoid shouting or yelling. The Mesa Temple grounds are a place of peace and meditation. You can talk freely, but be mindful of those around you who are coming to enjoy the spirit of the grounds.