Welcome to the Mesa Temple Visitors' Center

We invite you to visit with your family and friends and enjoy a Christ-centered experience that is informative, inspirational, engaging, and fun!

Mesa Easter Pageant: “Jesus the Christ” starts March 20!

You Can Discover and Explore With Your Choice of the Following Interactive Activities:

Community Origins

We have beautiful displays explaining the historical origins of our area. We honor and recognize the indigenous people who assisted early settlers in establishing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Mesa.

Mesa Friends Story Kiosks

To best experience the history of early Mesa residents, we have several Mesa Friends to guide you. Through videos on each kiosk, our Mesa Friends connect with you as they share their experiences of what it was like when they lived here. Kiosks are stationed throughout the center where you can view these videos to learn more from our Mesa Friends.

Community Garden Coloring Wall

Whether you are nine or ninety-nine years old, all ages are invited to add your creativity to this large wall mural using colorful crayons. It represents how we are unique individuals who can come together as a community to create something beautiful.

“I Can Serve” Kiosk

JustServe.org is a website where the volunteer needs of local organizations may be posted and volunteers may search for places to serve in the community. You can search for service opportunities in your area on this large screen kiosk.

Chalk Wall

To help you connect with others, we have this fun social experiment on a Chalk Wall. Different prompts are written on each side. We encourage you to share your responses on the boards. We want to hear from you. You may be surprised by how many others feel the same way you do.

Mesa Temple Model

An intricate, detailed model of the Mesa Temple is cut-away and beautifully lit to show you what the inside of the temple looks like. Frequently asked questions about the purpose and blessings of temples are answered through a series of short videos you can select.

Inside the Temple Display

Walk up the engaging stairs to this display that teaches about how Jesus Christ desires to bless each person inside the temple. Specific blessings and promises made inside the temple are shared. Then learn how these blessings can also be shared with our ancestors.

Uniting My Family Wall

Because families are important to our past, present and future we created our Uniting My Family Wall. Prompts are listed across the top and you are encouraged to write on sticky notes how you can contribute to your family and have more meaningful relationships.

Teaching Rooms

You are invited to spend time in one of our teaching rooms beautifully decorated with large wall murals from the life of Jesus Christ. These quiet rooms allow for open communication in a comfortable atmosphere.

Reflection Pods

During your visit, you can figuratively shut out the world in one of our reflection pods. These solitary and quiet spaces allow for reading, journaling, personal reflection, and mindfulness as you ponder your thoughts and feelings.

Temples for Kids Activity Room

This center is designed for families and we want all ages to feel welcome here. We have this fun children’s play room with interactive activities for the little ones as well as comfortable seating for their caregivers.

Kitchen Hangout Room

In this cool kitchen area in the middle of the center, you can come with your family or friends and pop some popcorn, bring in some pizza or other snacks and enjoy spending time together.

Family Discovery Media Room

Are you related to some of the people from Mesa’s history? To find out, and to help you discover and connect with your own family tree and ancestors, we have several engaging touch screens. In this fun activity, you can learn more about your ancestors from the largest collection of records in the world.

Computer Stations

Record and preserve your family’s history. This area is full of computer stations where you can discover and work at your own pace. You can add to your family history and connect your family tree through the free resources at FamilySearch.org. Free scanners and document preservation equipment help you share your story with future generations and relatives around the world.

“Be a Light” Wall

We hope you will feel the love of God when you visit this center. This Be a Light wall gives you a chance to reflect on the attributes of Jesus Christ. As you touch and interact with the wall, we hope you will feel a desire to act and Be a Light to the world.

What will my Legacy be?

This interactive display teaches how daily choices can affect the future.

Learn how forgiveness of incorrect choices, through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, makes the future brighter.

Digitize Audio, Photos, & Film

Come to the Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center to digitize your memories. Bring photos, VHS, VHS-C, mini-camcorder, camcorder, slides, negatives, 8MM and Super 8 film, audio cassettes, DVDs, CDs, floppy discs, books, and journals and we will help you get them converted to digital. The process is simple and free. Call for a reservation 480-964-7164

Explore the Visitors’ Center

The Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center is located in the plaza on the northwest corner of the Mesa Temple grounds. We encourage you to explore everything we have to offer at the Visitors’ Center! If you have questions, we have many missionaries and volunteers who are happy to answer your questions or guide you on a tour.

Upcoming Free Visitors’ Center Events

A variety of events happen year-round. The majority of events are free and open to the public. Common events include FamilySearch classes, devotionals, and youth activities.

Sunday Evening Recital – Pamela Dean: April 28th

Pianist Pamela Dean will be featured on April 28th at our Sunday Evening Recital series at 6:30pm at the Mesa…

Sunday Evening Recital – Arizona Deseret Choir: April 21st

The Arizona Deseret Choir will be featured on April 21st at our Sunday Evening Recital series at 6:30pm at the…

Sunday Evening Recital – Autum Hunt: April 14th

Pianist Autum Hunt will be featured on April 14th at our Sunday Evening Recital series at 6:30pm at the Mesa…


There is a lot to do at the Mesa Temple. Check below for specific information about a building.

Mesa Temple

The principal purpose of the temple is to provide ordinances and blessings to members in the Mesa area. The Mesa Arizona Temple is considered a literal house of the Lord by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

FamilySearch Experience

Experienced research specialists provide a personal experience to help you discover your ancestors and grow your family tree. The library offers free access to genealogical data for billions of deceased ancestors from around the globe.

Distribution Services

You can get Church materials and clothing at the Distribution Services next door to the visitors’ center.

Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center

 455 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85203

(480) 964-7164

[email protected]


Open daily: 10 am – 9 pm

Clean restrooms and free parking